Up your game with some ‘Platform’ inspiration

PlatformLast year my critique partner recommended that I check out the podcasts of author and speaker Michael Hyatt, the former CEO and chairman of Thomas Nelson, a well-known Christian publisher. I did, and I quickly realized why she was so impressed. When I came across Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World at an Ollie’s store recently, I grabbed copies for both of us, as I had a feeling the book would be helpful as we continue to build our writing platforms.

This book was an easy read, and I loved the short, snappy chapters. Hyatt works his way up from the basics (“Create a Compelling Product”) to the more practical everyday topics (“Write Posts Faster”), and on to more advanced topics that will be most useful for those who are already building a platform (“Embrace Twitter,” “Set Up A Facebook Fan Page”).

As you read this book, I recommend that you keep a notebook at hand because you’ll probably find yourself inspired to take notes about changes you wish to make to your own social media and/or marketing strategy. For instance, as a result of reading this book, I have already changed my Twitter handle from Tea_With Friends, the one I (halfheartedly) used as a tea blogger, to AngelaWMcRae, since that can be used for all of my Tweeting—and it’s my personal name that I actually want readers to remember.

Motivational speakers are a dime a dozen, but Hyatt has an especially winsome way with words. I found myself writing down some of the quotes from his book, things like, “Every point of contact is an opportunity to create a positive brand impression—if you are intentional.” Some of his recommendations are simply common sense principles I needed to be reminded of, but he also explores enough new territory to challenge me to up my game when it comes to marketing myself (something that can be hard for an introvert!). So no matter what you’re marketing with your writing—your books, your message, your products, yourself—this book will be a useful tool to challenge and encourage you on the journey.

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