Newsletters for writers

Newsletter collage

Do you subscribe to any newsletters for writers? I do, and I thought I’d share a few of the ones I’m currently enjoying.

• PW Tip Sheet. From Publishers Weekly, this e-newsletter includes topics ranging from the serious (picks of the week and Best Sellers) to the silly (weird things that librarians tell us people leave in books: bologna, paychecks, divorce papers). Sign up here.

• Signature. From Penguin Random House, this e-newsletter for readers (and thus writers) has as its tagline, “Making well-read sense of the world.” Again, you never know what each issue will contain. A recent one featured eight words “that have fallen out of the public consciousness” (including “swivet” and “gruntle”), a man who has never read a book by a woman, and quotes about spring. Sign up here.

• Copyediting Weekly. This e-newsletter is probably most of interest to those of us who actually commit some copyediting every now and then, but the free newsletter is so full of great tips on such topics as vocabulary, lexicography, and style manuals that I would recommend it to any serious writer as well. Sign up here.

• The Writers Network News. Last but not least, the newsletter I enjoy the most happens to be one with no glitzy graphics and just simple, helpful information. Its editor, Bobbie Christmas, was a guest speaker at a Sisters in Crime Atlanta chapter meeting I attended a few years ago. I liked her immediately. A lot of people these days claim to be editors, and since I’m an editor myself, I have to check out the quality of someone’s work before I can say I’m a believer. Bobbie, however, made lots of spot-on observations at that SINC meeting, and I have enjoyed reading her well-written and often humorous monthly newsletter. (At SINC, she also introduced me to a new word, “manuslips,” that I use for some of the funny errors I’ve come across in manuscripts. I keep these in a folder on my desktop so I can enjoy a chuckle every now and then.) You can subscribe to her newsletter here.

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