10 things to love about books

booksIn honor of Saint Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share 10 things I love about books!

1. Books keep me curious. The older I get and the more I learn, the more I find that I want to learn. Few things make me happier than finding a new book in the afternoon’s mail.

2. Books entertain me. Some days, though, I don’t care about learning something new or exploring a new field of study—I just want a cheap literary equivalent of “Calgon, take me away.” Books do that. Good ones do that and leave a mark on my mind and soul.

3. Books help me find my tribe. When I find someone who likes the same authors or the same types of books that I do, I know they’re in my tribe. And when a friend hates the same book I do, I’m really ready to high-five them!

4. Books smell nice. Do you smell your books? I do. I’m partial to the nice picture-heavy books with thick, glossy paper, like the new one I got that is the “companion,” as they say, to the “Victoria” series on PBS. I’d buy the perfume of that scent if they’d make it.

5. Books are still affordable. Sure, we can’t all create those maddeningly perfect coffee-table book displays in Architectural Digest, but if the wallet won’t quite stretch to Barnes and Noble, I’ll bet most of us can still swing a used paperback from the local thrift store. (Only in the last year or so did I learn about color coding and half-price books at Goodwill. What a deal!)

6. Books are quiet, nondemanding friends. I like to see mine lined up on the bookshelves, standing at attention like loyal little friends giving me a cheery hello when I want to visit but quiet as a mouse when I don’t. Nice.

7. Books are now accessible anywhere. Although I’d prefer not to read an entire book on my iPhone, I’m grateful that when I’m stuck somewhere without a book, I can access my Kindle library and start reading. A lovely perk of the digital age.

8. Books bring new (and old) worlds to life. Isn’t it amazing that thanks to the magic of books, we can travel into the future as well as the past? And all in the same day, if we so choose!

9. Books constantly surprise us. I’m currently reading The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, a former newspaper legal editor and atheist who became a Christian. I’m still early into the book, but this sentence got me: “Ancient Greek and Hebrew didn’t even have a symbol for quotation marks.” Who knew!

10. Books, like the best comfort food, make us feel good. Had a stressful day at work? A good book will soon have you in a better mood. Filled with worry? A book can help take your mind off your troubles.

What do you love about books?

2 thoughts on “10 things to love about books

  1. I, too, love books!!! Here is a quote from my recent email to a friend:
    ” I adore books and consider a well-designed book to be my favorite art form. I know people say that books are going by the wayside. But I am still clinging to them. I don’t think reading from a screen is nearly as satisfying as reading and exploring an interesting book. I love to stick in post-it notes and underline in my books. They are artifacts of my experience and thought. And they are wonderful to have on a shelf to pull out when the time is right. I have not read some of the wonderful books I own simply because the time hasn’t been right. But I love having them on the shelf waiting for me.”

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