Where do you find good writing advice?

An article on Entrepreneur.com offered “10 Easy Solutions to Business Writing Problems.” I like list articles and I like writing articles, so this one was a must-read. Not surprisingly, much of the advice applies to business writing as well as other types of writing. For instance:

• Tip Number 1: “Use strong verbs.” Is there any type of writing in which it’s good to use weak verbs?

• Tip Number 4: “Steer clear of using many words ending in -ly.” Stephen King is often quoted as saying that he believes “the road to hell is paved with adverbs.” I strongly, heartily, unwaveringly agree. (Just kidding. “I agree” is all I need to say.)

• Tip Number 7: “Cut unnecessary words.” Entrepreneur.com suggests pretending you earn $1 for every word omitted. (If only that were true!)

Good writing advice is good writing advice, whether it’s advice on business writing, novel writing, or nonfiction writing. And while I don’t often think of business magazines when I consider places to look for good writing advice, I’ll take the good writing advice anywhere I find it!

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